Alexander Leps

Producer, Developer, Artist

Self taught since 1981

Contact: lepsSPAMSCHUTZ [at]


The Plague Doctor of Wippra


The Plague Doctor of Wippra is a short point-and-click adventure filled with medical puzzles, medieval period detail, and beautiful, hand-drawn pixel art.

Runic Rampage

2012 - 2017

My debut title featuring a raging dwarf.

Published on Apple Appstore, Google Play and Steam.


2020 - tbd

Dataminers is a blend between a logic puzzler and turn based game in a hacking setting.

Currently in development.

Selected Contract Work


Application Systems Heidelberg - 2022/23

I am part of the team behind the point-and-click adventure PRIM and responsible for the programming in Unity and technical project management. Release tbd.

Imagine Earth

Serious Brothers - 2021

As an additional developer, I helped the Serious Brothers release the game and was responsible for developing the World Congress and Open Space addon.

Sunset Bay VR

Rote Sonne - 2020

I developed the VR Meditation App Sunset Bay for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift.

Yung Hurn AR App

MTV - 2019

Interactive augmented reality experience by MTV featuring a volumetric video performance of Yung Hurn.

Alfons Zitterbacke - die App zum Film

XFilme Creative Pool GmbH - 2019

The game to the movie "Alfons Zitterbacke – Das Chaos ist zurück" by XFilme Creative Pool GmbH

Microscope Workbench

MSA - The Safety Company - 2018

I developed software and built the hardware for this usb micoscope enhanced workbench solution in pellistor fabrication.

Python software running on a build of multiple Raspberry Pis in custom case.

Gamification Consulting

TVSMILES GmbH - 2018

I developed several gamification concepts for the TVSMILES app.

Exhibition Planner VR

Cebra GmbH - 2018

I created a realtime networked multiuser ar/vr prototype for exhibition planning.

Forever Forest

Mad About Pandas - 2016

Forever Forest is a blend of exploration, survival and action rpg.

I helped jumpstart the project by providing the game framework of Runic Rampage and worked as a senior developer.

Truck Simulation 16

Astragon/Kunst-Stoff - 2014

TruckSim 16 is a truck driving simulation for mobile devices featuring seamless driving through europe.

I worked inhouse as a developer at Kunst-Stoff. App

inmediaONE] GmbH - 2011

Native app development. HTML to plist converter for batch processing existing question packages.

More than 400.000 Downloads and 4.5 star rating.

Vokabeltrainer Englisch

inmediaONE] GmbH - 2011

Vocabulary trainer and 7 games for Scolaris a teaching platform directed at children age 6 to 8.

Published 2011 online and on CD-Rom.

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